Ontex around the world

乐动体育南安普顿To best serve our retail and care institution customers  and our consumers, with our own brands in Middle East, North Africa, CIS and Russia, who can be significantly impacted by small shifts in trends, economics and population profiles, we operate a large network of locations around the world.

This includes 18 manufacturing sites in 15 countries, including Western and Eastern Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Pakistan, Australia and the Americas.

We also have 29 sales and marketing sites allowing us to respond quickly to changes in any part of the world, when it comes to both production and delivery.

Our 9 dedicated research and development centres are a sign of how seriously we take the need to continuously stay ahead when it comes to product design.

Wherever we are in the world, our staff use quality raw materials, insight and experience to make sure that Ontex products maintain their reputation for protection and comfort.

Click on a location in the list here under to learn more about our Ontex sales offices and manufacturing facilities.

Algeria:  Rouiba
Australia:  Brisbane  -  Eastern Creek
Belgium:  Aalst  -  Buggenhout  -  Eeklo
Brazil:  Sao Paulo (HQ)  –  Senador Canedo
Chile: Chile
Czech Republic:  Turnov
Ethiopia: Addis Ababa - Hawassa
France: Dourges Villefranche   - Villeneuve-d'Ascq
Germany:  Großpostwitz  - Koblenz Lotte  -  Mayen
Italy:  Brescia  -  Fino Mornasco  -  Ortona
Mexico: Puebla (HQ) - Puebla (P) - Tijuana  - Mexico
Pakistan:  Karachi
Poland:  Warsaw - Radomsko
Russia:  Moscow  -  Noginsk
Spain:  Segovia - Madrid
Turkey:  Istanbul Plant  -  Istanbul Sales office
United Kingdom:  Corby  -  Hemel Hempstead
United States: Atlanta
Ukraine:  Kyiv

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