What it is like to work at Ontex ?

Our people are the heart of our company. Through their passion, drive and ingenuity Ontex has grown from a family business into an international organization. In return, we respect, value and take care of them.


What it means for you

We are proud of our tradition of encouraging employees to learn new skills and promoting from within our business whenever possible. But as our business growth creates new career opportunities, we are also keen to talk to those who would like to join us for the next exciting stage of our journey. Career development is something we take very seriously and it is why many of our employees choose to remain part of the Ontex family for so long.

High employee engagement

In November 2015, we carried out a global employee engagement survey. The survey result shows that 85% of our employees are engaged. They understand and believe in the goals of the company and are willing to go beyond what is required to help Ontex succeed.

Vision 2020

Ontex has always been people-centric but as we continue to expand, evolving to keep pace with this growth is essential.
Vision 2020 is about our people being proud to be part of Ontex - sharing our vision and strategy -  and understanding how they contribute. They show initiative and make good decisions, while our leaders empower those around them and help create a workplace where people have fun and celebrate success.

Through 2015, our management team visited all the Ontex offices and factories to share our Vision 2020 with our employees.

"We create new career and development opportunities for our people to develop and be part of the next exciting stage of the journey. Ontex is more than a company, it is a community."

Astrid De Lathauwer,
Executive Vice-President Human Resources

Our core strengths

乐动体育南安普顿Our people are the reason we have grown from a small family business into an international consumer goods firm. Great customer service and innovation is delivered in our offices and manufacturing plants around the world every day, thanks to the collaborative ‘can-do’ attitude of our employees. It’s always been part of our culture to value initiative and ideas, something which attracts those who are entrepreneurial and enjoy making things happen.

Meeting the needs of a new organization

Now we have expanded and reshaped our organization, we will continue to encourage and reward those qualities which are so vital to our future. These changes to our business structure mean we can offer better tools and support, to help develop talents and careers.

Download our equal opportunity charter here.